Welcome to Hebi Baoruide Chemical Co.,Ltd.!

About Us

With a land of 78,706sqm, Hebi Baoruide Chemical Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in the research, development and production of pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates. Due to the closely cooperative relations of our company and universities such as Zhejiang University of Technology, Heilongjiang University and other institutions, we are able to enhance the technological level of our products greatly. With a registered capital of CNY 56 million, we now have about 150 employees, 36 of them have college education, and 80 percent of employees own the degrees of senior middle school or higher; our company hire a number of experienced professionals to manage and control daily production, thus we are receiving high reputations for excellent quality and steady product supply.


Equipped with complete and professional analysis-detection system (including a number of GC and LC), we have the good ability to effectively guarantee the quality stability of products. As to environmental protection, we invested and built a complete set of sewage treatment system, which is consisted of COD detector, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, salinity analyzer and other special pollutants analysis instruments, as well as environmental protection online monitoring system, thus we have the good strong capacity to ensure the continuity of production effectively.

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